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I am extending the following invitation to any Previously Trained Casino Dealer. Whether you learned to deal at a Dealing School, a University / College , or a Temp Employment Agency, I am offering you the opportunity to improve your skills in One Hour. This offer is entirely Free. There are "no strings attached". I am no wizard, but I know I can take one component of Your Game which you feel challenged by, and show you how to overcome it in One Hour.

I have worked in the Gaming Industry for over 30 Years in various positions at major casinos (and not so major casinos!) on "The Strip", off "The Strip", and as I like to say: "downwind of "The Strip""! My resume lists me as a Dealer, a Supervisor, and an Instructor. My expertise is in "Main Games": Dice (Craps), BlackJack ("21"), and Roulette.

If I personally gave you My Business Card it is because I saw in you the talent that needs to be polished in order for you to move ahead in your chosen line of work. Perhaps I also gave my card to a Dealer at the table next to yours. At a "Break-In House" or a Party Pit, this is quite possible.

I have long considered Dealing a "lost art" and have decided to take steps to correct this in my small way. Take your skills to the next level--

          Please leave a message for me at:

 " Lightning Strikes Vegas! "

(702) 454-7564

No Texts, Please!


"J. R."